Advisory Services

A passion for advisory services, a settled credibility on financial markets, a target for both excellence and innovation, a permanent awareness of market trends and a strong will to share our expertise, these are our keys to contribute to our clients' transformation and development!   

Business Panorama

Front, Middle and Back Office activities become day after day more complex and specialized because of the market constraints, the business model of company, the legal commitments or regulations changes.

Change and IT

The upstream phases of IT enhancement projects require deeper investigation, analysis and benchmarking of available product solutions on the market as well as third parties services offered to investors.

Operational Excellence

An increasing expertise field providing a framework adequate to transformation enhancement and optimization of the operational processes.

Project Management

From traditional methodologies to irreplaceable Project Manager's experience, this activity is still an area subject to various potential optimizations.

Risks and Compliance

A new risk management framework, refined guidelines, a clarified oversight governance function and a evolving relationship between internal control and risk management.

Client Management CRM

Knowing his clients, complying with compulsory regulations or marketing requirements, analyzing the behaviors and developing customized offers are the new challenges faced by Asset Managers and Investment Bank.